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Mextrategy guides you through the maze of the Mexican and Latin American IP systems so that you have the best strategy considering scarcity of patent skilled firms, asymmetries in patent systems and public policies


At Mextrategy we can help you increase the value of your intellectual assets by understanding the Mexican and Latin American region and seize licensing and valuable opportunities

 Opinions and Strategies

Whether you need an expert opinion on infringement, validity or valuation for a patent case or a good protection strategy through trade secrets for Mexico and Latin America, you can trust Mextrategy to guide you




We can help you determine the value of the intellectual property you own in Mexico under the applicable taxation and accounting principles, for decision making ranging from licensing to litigation, mergers & acquisition or simply IP management.

Recent changes in Mexican law (2020) have diversified the allowed methods for determining damages for intellectual property litigation and made it possible to have different avenues for enforcement of patents and trade secrets.




Asess the local performance of the intellectual property that you own in the region by developing value indicators that will help you enhance your decision making on keeping your IP in Mexico and Latin America and discover possibilities for monetizing them




Mexico and Latin America have many interesting markets and companies that you can partner with to increase the revenue coming from your intellectual property, Let us expand the possibilities of your licensing program throughout Latin America and help you negotiate to get the best deal for all of those involved.




It is well-known that patents and technology skilled firms in Latin America are scarce, and that the few that have good capabilities often represent competitors. Ask us to perform a risk assessment without revealing to your firm the names of your competitors of interest and let us recommend you the best available firm with the conflict/skill balance that suits your needs.


Beyond the never ending dilemma of internal management of patent portfolios vs. one-shop service providers, divisional applications are not always the solution to keep alive prosecution and get the right protection. Understanding that US and EP prosecution rules are not straight fowardly applicable  in Mexico and Latin America can help you build a strategy that suits your needs and budget, including agent selection as there are countries where no certification or qualification of patent agents is required to file patents but only proof of residence.




Let us guide you through the industrial, commercial and IP systems in Latin America in order to help you choose where to file in the region in order to get the most of your patent strategies


The misunderstanding of the patents system, and of the IP system at large, increasingly puts social pressure on them. This is driving some governments to move towards policies that may not comply with TRIPS or other international minimum standards. We can guide you to understand the interests of policy makers in Mexico and Latin America and build strategies to show the social benefits of intellectual property and enhance your protection position.



expert opinionS for litigation

Considering the low level of skill of Mexican courts for patent and trade secret matters in particular, and the changes in Mexican law for IP litigation in force since year 2020, you can rely upon our expertise to support the IP firm of your choice with technical and valuation opinions that will help you clarify your case before courts under the highest ethical and professional standards


Mexico is generally a safe harbour for R&D activities and a market that is often neglected for patent filing as a second or even third tier. However, global databases are often incomplete regarding the status of Mexican patents, and there are Mexican institutions that file for patents. Trust us to identify and analyze your freedom-to-operate in Mexico and avoid unnecessary trouble and nasty surprises


The changing criteria of the Mexican patent office given the law changes of year 2020 may make you wonder if you are having all the alternatives available for the protection that you need in Mexico. Ask us for a second opinion on the strategy you are following for prosecuting your patents in Mexico in order to obtain a different perspective on how to deal with unusual or difficult objections from examiners


The rules for Trade Secrets in Mexico changed dramatically as of November, 2020. Get the information you need in order to manage properly your confidential information so that your trade secrets comply with the new rules, and benefit from the new enforcement pathways under Mexican law.