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Patenting in Mexico: Strategic insights for effective portfolio management in a new law environment


August 26, 2021

The new Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property (FLPIP) was published in June 2020 as a milestone in the implementation of the provisions of the USMCA agreement and has been in force since November 5, 2020. Mexican practitioners and the Mexican patent office (IMPI) are altogether struggling to establish new strategies for patent protection and prosecution, as the pandemic has rushed everyone to adopt the electronic systems, and a mix of patent laws is applied, as all patents pending remain prosecuted under the former Industrial Property Law (IPL, 1994) under the transitional provisions. Thinking out of the box combined with decades of experience in the patent prosecution front-line in Mexico, this webinar will help in-house attorneys and partners in charge of foreign prosecution to understand the changes, ask the right questions to their prosecution firms and ultimately know what to expect and prepare for the possible outcomes under the new Mexican law and practice.

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